Single Source Data

The Single-Source Revolution

Single-Source data has been considered the Holy Grail of data since the 60’s.

We made it a reality and it is being used by a growing roster of the most forward-thinking brands and agencies.


Single-Source data is the measurement of the entire journey to purchase, including media exposure (TV and online) together with online and offline purchase behaviour, over time on the same individual.

We passively collect an expanding range of behavioural data direct from the individual 24/7, providing the most up to date, accurate and complete picture of consumer behaviour ever assembled. This is true Single-Source data.



“We’re incredibly proud of what we have created with our partners at ViewersLogic, and we truly believe it will help transform how the market can attribute the success of a TV campaign.”
Ewan Douglas, head of sales (N&R) and business development at Channel 4

“We are pleased with how Viewers Logic performed. It shared the benefits of AV driving short term reach yet also allowed us to measure how this could be built on further for long term brand availability. The data helped shape our later campaign in 2023 with optimum frequency, day part and publisher selection.”
Nina Shanahan, Head of Marketing. Ryvita