Tesco warns of declining reach of TV advertising. How Single-Source data can help

Author: andrew

Published: 4th May 2022


The opportunity

In a recent Campaign magazine article, Tesco warned of TV advertising’s waning reach, with their 2021 campaign suffering an 11-point downfall. To overcome this challenge, Tesco discussed the need for software that makes cross-device video planning possible.

The problem

Existing cross-media planning solutions all fail to meet this need. This is because they rely on data fusion, whereby data from different touch points is measured in siloes and then stitched together in an attempt to create a holistic view. As a result, the insights gathered are inaccurate. So, what can brands like Tesco do to increase the reach of their TV advertising?

The solution: Tuning into Single-Source data

ViewersLogic’s Cross-Media measurement solution is built to address this challenge,  enabling brands to create cross-media campaigns that maximise reach and reduce duplication by identifying and targeting people online who did not see the TV ad campaign.

ViewersLogic’s unique Single-Source data panel of over 8,000 people, measures what an individual watches on TV, online and their purchase on and offline and where they visit in the real world.

Through this data, it is now possible to create synchronised TV-online campaigns by identifying the group of target customers who were not exposed to the TV campaign and see where they spend their time online. These destinations can then be indexed based on traffic.


The results: Zeroing in on the data

Using Tesco as an example we looked at their campaigns that ran from the beginning of 2022 until March 13th. We identified all the users in our panel who were not exposed to these campaigns and discovered the websites they frequented most often.

We found that Snapchat and TikTok had an index of 1.5 and 1.28 respectively, therefore Tesco should focus their budgets on these social platforms as opposed to Twitter, which had an index of 0.79 and Facebook, which had an index of 0.82.

Looking at online AVOD services, we would recommend that Tesco increases spend on Now TV (index of 2.6), YouTube (index of 1.58), Virgin TV (index of 1.69) and ITV Hub (index of 1.26), and spend less on Sky Go (index of 0.36), My5 (index of 0.69) and All4 (index of 0.71).

Tesco will also be able to use this group of unexposed users as a seed audience for online lookalike models.


Note: all the data is zero party data owned by Viewerslogic. This enables us to view the performance of any specific brand and that of the major competitors.